WAW: AT&T — Chuck Shooting Baskets

sjbooher: Wow (and WAW). Could this character have been any more ridiculous? Chuck has uncombed hair, an unshaven face, and an awful looking football jersey on. Then they have him shooting baskets and shouting like an ABSOLUTE FOOL. No one acts like that in real life — only in some stupid white man’s mind do people act like that. Absurd. Imagine seeing this ad on 10 different screens in a Vegas sports book for an entire weekend, over-and-over again — that’s how I was introduced to it. Terrible. F-.

jtherkal: Well, I was getting tired of the AT&T bars campaign (where they coordinate everything in the background to look like the bars on your phone) so this is, at the very least, different. This was the worst of the series (rock’n'roll guy, snooping dad, japanese business meeting)–borderline offensive. Maybe because Chuck was waaaay overacting. If you’re going to have him playing pop-a-shot, at least have him really trying. He wouldn’t have made any of those shots. Overall, the concept isn’t that great and I don’t even believe one company can claim to have significantly better service. It’s all pretty decent now, but still cuts out in areas. D.

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