#2.2 — Skechers — Shape Ups

sjbooher: What just happened? What’s going on? The hilarious part, is that I GUARANTEE Joe Montana refused to let himself be filmed actually, you know, WEARING Shape Ups, and they still had him do a voiceover! Awesome. The sheer confusion this ad induced makes it a winner in my book. A slightly above-average winner, that is. C+.

jtherkal: Wait, that wasn’t a local cable ad? That wasn’t for Mr. Allens? 29.99 or 2 for 50! This guy knows what I’m talkin’ about. When I found this on YouTube, it was labelled: “SKECHERS Shape-ups Super Bowl Commercial feat. Joe Montana” Featuring Joe Montana!? Joe! Get a job in the booth! Sketchers?! This had no place in the Super Bowl and it made me feel sad. F.

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