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Carl’s Jr. Miss Turkey vs. Axe Shower Gel

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

sjbooher: Here I present two classic, “women as object” ads. The question at hand: which is better, the blatant, simple, give it to me straight version (Carl’s Jr.), or the hide-it-behind-comedy-and-creativity version (Soap dance). I say Carl’s Jr. I respect a person’s attitude/opinion/etc. more if they do not hide behind some illusion and try to dress it up to be something it is not. Both get C-, if only because this brand of ads probably works to some degree, or it would not be so prevalent. At least I hope this brand of advertising is not both tasteless AND ineffective.

jtherkal: No contest for me. I think if you check waaay back on this blog, maybe you’ll find me giving an A+ to the Paris Hilton Car Wash ad for the same burger chain. I’m a fan of Carl’s Jr.’s blatant attempt to combine my meat with a piece of meat. Sometimes I don’t like self-aware advertising, but I think the gimmick and writing here are clever enough. Ms. Turkey! And on her bathing suit…little Turkey Burgers. And that’s just the way it is. Great. A-.

As for the Axe one, there have been a lot of ads done in this category that are virtually the same. This is evidence that either it’s getting hard to do really good ones, or someone is getting lazy. I don’t really like the music, I’m not buying that part of the guy’s washing routine is the exact same motion as untying a bikini, and I’m left wanting my implied nudity when the girls don’t finish the ritual. Still, those girls are hot. I’m buying some Axe. B-. For babes minus bikinis.

#4.9 — Volkswagen Beetle — Beetles

Monday, February 28th, 2011

jtherkal: The Beetle appeals to a very specific audience. You don’t have to tell us why it’s different, you just have to remind us that it exists. This succeeds in the car-ad saturated space because it doesn’t really show us a car. Which for once is good. And I like the music choice. A-.

sjbooher: Cars! Cars! Cars! I liked this one a lot. Thank you for being creative. Thank you for not showing a car driving around in a city. A.

#2.15 — CarMax — Kid In A Candy Store

Monday, February 14th, 2011

sjbooher: BUY. A. CAR. Early product placement? Check. Funny gag? Check. This ad leaves me wanting more. Can we get some deleted scenes up in here? It also invites the viewer to join in. Come on, you know people at Super Bowl parties worldwide were firing off more lines to this after it aired. IT’S LIKE A PROSPECTIVE CAR BUYER ON SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. A.

jtherkal: I agree, I could have watched this chain of “I feel like” gags for another :30 seconds or more. I feel like a creative director in a room full of newly hired, college-fresh, female traffic coordinators. Who are loose. I’m docking a half grade due to carmax = carfax in my head. Gotta fix that. A-.

sjbooher: I said Car Facts, not Car Fox! I love the Car Fox.

#2.11 — Volkswagen — Darth Vader

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

jtherkal: Everyone loved this. And you can’t deny the people. I thought is was cute. Throw the Star Wars music on anything and people will pay attention. A little Darth Vader is pretty cute. The doll shot is great. Overall I like most everything about this. Aside from the fact that it was leaked early, so people were already passing it around. A-.

sjbooher: A is for awesome. And I learned a new Papa tactic. A+.

#1.12 — Kia Optima — Epic Car Theft

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

sjbooher: Cars! Cars! Cars! Steal a car! This one is really well done. It is worthy of Super Bowl Sunday and manages to stand out amongst the throng of car ads this year. Good work, Kia. A-.

jtherkal: Epic indeed. So epic that I would probably never remember it was Kia. Kia has to do something to make me even consider them as a car producer. Something that when I hear it or see it makes me think “that was for a Kia, because I know this is the claim that Kia makes…” But it was entertaining and memorable, so I can’t give it a bad grade. Not great, not terrible, but probably cost a few million to make. So I’ll go with E for epic here.

#1.5 — Chevy Eco — Old Folks Home

Monday, February 7th, 2011

sjbooher: Cars! Cars! Cars! Buy a car! This one is nice and solid. Funny and it describes Eco Cruze and why it is interesting. B-.

jtherkal: Old people are funny. It’s been proven time and again. And they pull a great trick here that I don’t believe is used enough in advertising…finding clever ways to just repeat the product name and a claim about the product until you remember it. Of course, here they don’t repeat it exactly, but in your head you’re correcting the old folks, which means you remember it. A commercial for eagles? No. Eco Eco Eco! I would watch an extended :60-second version of that banter. A-.

#1.4 — Doritos — Finger Suck

Monday, February 7th, 2011

sjbooher: Ah, yes. Now it is the time for my yearly lecture on the placement of your product within the ad. Oftentimes, ads go through a long hullabaloo before showing the featured product, losing everyone’s attention in the process. Or sometimes the ad seems awesome and entertaining, but production value overshadows the product leaving everyone remembering the ad and not the featured product. Doritos does not fall in either of these traps. In this ad, and all of their contributions to the Super Bowl, ACTUAL DORITOS SNACK CHIPS are front-and-center. I didn’t like the humor used the first time around, but I loved this one. I’m going to give it a slight deduction because apparently some people where grossed out by the creepy guy, and gross ain’t good for the snack business. A-.

jtherkal: Great spot. I love that quiet, strange humor in the beginning and I sort of wish they hadn’t ended with the pants being ripped off that guy. If he hadn’t torn the pants, but just smelled them instead…but I’m nitpicking at a spot I really like. And one that, again, is made by consumers. I may soon be out of the job. Oh, wait, I am out of the job. A.

#4.4 — Vizio Internet — Beyonce et al.

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

sjbooher: Too much boring stuff going on here. If you are going to have a long, drawn-out lead up before showing the product, you better grab the audience’s attention. Instead, all I come away with is a reinforcement that Beyonce did an awesome DirectTV ad once. Fail. F.

jtherkal: Maybe you’ve never heard of the internet. It’s a robot that takes all sorts of awesome things and grabs them and puts them on your futurebox. And now you can get it on your TV!? They got Chocolate Rain in there, SJB, Chocolate Rain! The one thing they forgot to tell us is…what about pornography? That, my friend, will sell some televisions. A-.

#4.1 — NFL — Reggie Bush Slow-mo Shuttle Launch

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

sjbooher: Beautiful. A.

jtherkal: Show me just about anything in sports, at this speed, in HD and I will buy your product. Which in this case is the NFL. Which I buy from Direct TV. The fansThat song was used in the Where the Wild Things Are commercial. And I guess fans in HD aren’t as good as Reggie. A-.

#3.5 — — Griswolds

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

jtherkal: I bet I watch over three National Lampoon’s Family Vacation movies per year. As a movie franchise, that puts it up there with The Bourne series, Rocky, and Rambo. Well ahead of Superman and Friday the 13th. Watching the Christmas Vacation is one of my favorite parts of the holiday, and some of my first tits were seen with Rusty in Europe. I even suffered through Vegas Vacation one a few weeks ago. So I’m sort of excited to see the Griswolds here. I didn’t love-love the commercial, and I can’t view the episodes on the website on this shitty laptop, but I can’t give this any lower than an A-.

sjbooher: I may have never seen a Griswold movie… but I still recognized them. I can’t say that added or subtracted from the value of this ad, for me, though. It probably did hit the age demo that typically rents hotelts, though. I love puns and cats, so I laughed at both the “complementary” and cat poster jokes. I may even have had that poster as a kid, and if I didn’t, David Proudfoot did. This product seems like a good idea. A+