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Old Spice Swagger — LL Cool J

Monday, October 6th, 2008

sjbooher: For all intents in purposes, despite being a Hip-Hop pioneer and an all-time great when the first half or so of his career is considered, LL has been on cruise control for around a decade or so. That being said, he is — and has been — mainstream enough, that he’s one of the few Hip-Hop representatives that I have found myself often encountering when around mixed (the Hip-Hop ignorant and the non-ignorant) company over years. As a result, I’ve been in the weird spot of having to defend someone whom I would trash if discussing with a different set of people. This dates back to watching some award show in college when some Michigan girl made an ignorant comment about LL’s outfit, which I found equally ridiculous but for much different reasons. I had to defend him. With this ad, at least I legitimately like it, regardless of audience. Funny, and I even now own Old Spice Swagger! Yes, ladies and germs (word to Garfield), Ads That Work. A.

jtherkal: Joke in a can alert! Someone cool used to be a nerd? This is mildly funny and not quite up to the standard of advertising that Old Spice has set for itself over the last year or so. I do like, “Now look at me. Nice.” After Deep Blue Sea, I can’t really take anything LL does seriously. I mean, genetically enhanced, super smart sharks? Wait, I should love that, right? I don’t love this, but I certainly don’t hate it. B-. Swagger is a pretty good name, though.

And for the record, I ALWAYS thought is was “for all intensive purposes.” And I now believe it to be “for all intents and purposes,” not “in purposes.”

sjbooher: Yes, I know it is “intents and purposes”… typo. The most likely reason jtherkal and I fight one day — his incessant grammar correction, WHEN HE AS NO SPELLING ABILITY especially when it comes to people’s names (which I think is sacred). And he legitimately thinks I do not know the correct answer, not considering the possibility of typos.

Update: Sony Bravia and the Amazing Play-doh Bunnies

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

sjbooher: I can’t argue with results. I was (am?) not a big fan, to say the least, of these Sony Bravia ads. However, tonight I heard a first-hand account of a consumer that purchased a Sony Bravia TV explicitly becase of these ads. Word to Colleen and Ads That Work.

UPDATE: Grand Theft Auto 4 ads work

Monday, July 14th, 2008

sjbooher: Rock Star could have made the worst ad ever imagined, and I still would have ended up with this game, and technically, I received it as a birthday present, but still… I now own this product, so the ad worked. Chalk it up and join the club.

Update — Subway — Five Dollar Footlong

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

sjbooher: Previously, we gave this ad a mediocre rating. Well, the people have spoken (and my stomach), and this must be revised. Here is the evidence:

a) This ad has the internet going nuts, like Paul Wall. It is by far the most popular on our YouTube channel, with 24k+ views as of this writing.

b) People all around me are talking about it, and are addicted to the jingle. I got a random text from a friend, that simply read “$5.00 footlong!!!!!!” My wife’s 8th grade students sing the jingle and talk about it incessantly. This past Friday, a large number of them even purchased $5 footlongs before they arrived at school, to save for lunch. A comedy radio talk show that I listen to, Two Jacks In The Hole, had an entire segment about it, and even mentioned their propensity to wake up in the morning singing the jingle and craving the food.

c) Finally, this ad is the first to make the, “Ads That Work”, list. Yes, playas and playettes, I myself, spurred on by the ad, purchased and ate a $5 Footlong on Friday. In fact, how about that for their next promotion? $5 Footlong Fridays?