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Adidas — All In

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

jtherkal: Adidas is launching it’s largest advertising campaign ever, with the likes of Derrick Rose, David Beckham, Katie Perry, Dwight Howard, Lionel Messi, B.O.B., and *fights gag reflex* Notre Dame. There are some things I like about this, and some I don’t.

First, I like “all in” as a tag line. If this is the new direction, I think there’s tons of room to do great work against it. Although I also love “impossible is nothing,” so I’ll miss that. I like that they include the “lesser” sports. Girl’s lacrosse! I love blending off-field style with on field talent, and Adidas is definitely a fashion/sport brand.

But there’s something off about this spot. The music doesn’t do it for me, doesn’t get me fired up, and doesn’t quite match the tone of the footage. And for some reason it feels kind of generic, despite all the star power. That being said, I’m looking forward to a possible ad war between Nike and Adidas. Nike has been at the top for so long, it’s time for Adidas to come out swinging.

And really, they have ND scoring on Michigan in there? Have they been around for the last two years? Shoelaces! Drop half a grade for that. Solid B.

sjbooher: “All In” is ridiculously overused at this point… so they got off on the wrong foot with me. Then they just show a bunch of highlights, barely spotlighting their brand or their products. Well, the products are probably there, but you don’t really know it unless you are really trying to spot them. I don’t get it. Looks like a generic highlight reel to me. 5 people spliced together better reels on youtube of these same stars in the time it took me to write this. And this is the product of their biggest campaign? Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Or as Dr. Dre so succinctly put it, you talking loud as a MF, but ain’t saying ish. D-.

#3.3 — Best Buy — Ozzy and Bieber

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

jtherkal: Ugh. Not only was this not very good, but I had to hear hype about it in advance. That’s right, people are always talking about Super Bowl commercials before the Super Bowl. Consider me officially against that. I like to be surprised. And unless your spot is unquestioningly mind-blowing, keep your mouth shut about it. I just didn’t like this, and when I finally noticed it was a Bieber dressed as an old man in the background at the end, it didn’t help much. F.

sjbooher: Bieber Fever! Bustin’ for Justin! Alliterative B’s — Bieber for Best Buy! I love it. I can’t explain it, but I love it. And ever since Coming To America, I love an “actor” playing multiple roles. I also appreciate that both celebrities involved here are clearly able to poke fun at themselves. It could have been a little better, but B for Bieber.

#1.13 — Brisk Tea — Eminem Claymation

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

jtherkal: This one was interesting to watch, well made, and had me nodding my head up until the end. Damn, that is pretty good! No, no it’s not. That bit and the part that followed left me wondering why I had liked the first 20 seconds. Don’t say you only do commercials for things you enjoy and then do it for BRISK!? I will bump this up a grade if I ever hear that Eminem does indeed prefer Brisk. C.

sjbooher: I like this one. What’s that you say? I am a huge Eminem fan and they could have thrown a picture of his left hand up there, with an arrow saying “Eminem’s hand”, with a picture of whatever product, and I would have liked it? Oh, and just because I loved the California Raisins as a kid and have been waiting patiently for someone to once again harness the power of Claymation, I automatically like this? Okay, you got me. On top of all that though, I liked the attention to detail (check the executive’s clipboard), and the fact that they sort of proved everything he said as true (he wouldn’t leave the house, so they had to do Claymation — nevermind the fact that for his second ad of the night, he clearly left the house… but the viewer doesn’t know that yet). I want to give it an A, but I’ll knock it down one because of my personal bias. B.

#4.13 — Skechers

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

sjbooher: I think they actually ran the same spot previously reviewed, so instead, here is some comedic gold for ya’ll. The question at this point is, who has the bigger gambling debt — Joe Montana, or Luke Wilson?

jtherkal: Such a skeptic. Are you saying there’s no possible way that Joe Montana tried this product and realized that it’s actually super effective at shaping his calves? Because that’s what I’m saying. There was one point, at about :37 when you can tell he’s laughing as he thinks about how he’s going to kill himself after the shoot. Maybe he was on the Nicolas Cage shopping plan.

I think I have to up my grade for Sketchers for somehow pulling this off. B.

No! Not the b’s!

#2.17 — FloTV — Jim Nantz

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

sjbooher: Jesus Christ with the woman-hating. The Super Bowl was the most watched television show EVER. That means people of all types, including, yes, women, were probably watching. Wouldn’t this ad be equally as effective saying your boss ripped out your spine? That sounds like a more likely scenario, anyway. Jim Nantz, go to your room and masturbate to your Masters highlights. Thank you. F-.

jtherkal: F-? How about not. She removed his spine! Get it? He can’t tell his girlfriend that he’d rather watch the game than go to the mall. Although if you’re going to do the “removed his spine joke, shouldn’t she have been pushing him around in a wheelchair? Besides, this ad isn’t hating on women, it’s hating on shopping at the mall. And I think we can all get behind that. Unless you’re some mall-crazy bitch who makes men do things they don’t want to do. B.

sjbooher: You just increased it to F–. I love shopping at malls. I spent the better part of my non-school time in 10th and 11th grade in Ross Park Mall.

#1.10 — Coke — The Simpsons

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

sjbooher: Two American institutions, FTW. B.

jtherkal: Now we’re talking! Super Bowl! Go big or go home! Coke always seems to get it right. Of course, their brand is so strong, they can do just about anything that makes you feel happy and slug a Coke bottle at the end and it’ll work. Still, this is what a Super Bowl ad should be. A.

#4.13 — Bud Light Lime — Traveling Sun Globe

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

sjbooher: Awesome effects, dude. I like this one a lot. In these cold winter days, if your product can make the consumer think about a nice summer atmosphere for even a minute, it’s probably a win. A.

jtherkal: I feel like I’ve seen winter in the summer or summer in the winter a bunch of times before. I live in the cold. And no crappy lime-flavored Bud Light is going to make me forget that my feet are numb right now because the floor in my apartment is akin to an ice rink. Winter sucks, but there are beers made for winter. Like Guinness. Not Corona, not Bud Light Lime. Know your place. Also, I just don’t think it’s a very clever idea. Oh, look at me, my six pack turns winter into summer. Blah. D.

sjbooher: You are right on one account, at least. I definitely remember the Coors Light ads that sweep snow in on a hot summer day. So I guess I have to count this as a jack. Downgrade. B.

#4.11 — GE Wind Energy — Little Kid Wind Jar

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

sjbooher: I wish more people read this so I could find someone that could tell me the word for the emotion that commercials like this one make me feel. Honestly people, help a vocabulary-challenged brother out. The music… the sweet little boy… it’s supposed to make you feel all good inside, then you chuckle at the wind blowing out the candle… then you smile at the end. When I see it, I cringe, and I think “rip my eyeballs out, please.” I guess it’s an interesting way to talk about Wind Energy, though. B-

jtherkal: Wow, rip my eyeballs out, then a B-? That type of feeling is usually warrants an F. Maybe the word you’re looking for is cynical? Or repugnance? This was pretty weak, but in no way did it make me want to rip my eyeballs out. B.

sjbooher: Well, repugnance is what I do feel, but I’m looking for the description of the feeling that causes the repugnance. I literally do not even know how to explain what I am talking about, but I have this feeling often.

#3.2 — Bridgestone — Astronauts Jump Around

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

sjbooher: Oh, God? Where do I even start? I’ll go with the obvious… “Jump Around”? I do not think there could have been a worse song for this ad. That song is played endlessly during sporting events throughout the country, so much so that it now just blends in with the crowd noise, whistles and pad smashing of football. And unless those astronauts have been on the moon for FIFTEEN YEARS that is not what they are rockin’ in the moon rover. F.

jtherkal: What!? I love Jump Around. And I’m not ashamed to say it. Does Bridgestone make space tires? It says official tires of NFL, not of NASA. I guess this is sort of fun and I bet older people like it. The song would feel hip to someone 40, and those people buy tires. B.

sjbooher: Reading your review makes me want to quit this forever.

jtherkal: Jump up, jump up and get down.

#2.17 — Sobe — Dancing Football Players

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

sjbooher: Ok, everybody, I’m pretty sure I’m throwing this in Ad Exec Masturbation. Ad Exec 1: “Hey, we’ll get big football players to do ballet!” Ad Exec 2: “Yeah, and we’ll have them dance with our colorful lizards, and the lizards will act cool like you’d expect the football players to be!” Ad Exec 3: “Yeah, and it’ll be colorful! And 3-D! And no one will know! Let’s spend millions! Awesome!”. Nope. Terrible. F.

jtherkal: Ugh. Ray Lewis, really? You need to ask for a bigger contract or something, because this is downright embarassing. I’ve never been a fan of these stupid dancing lizards, and this spot made me want to rub hot wing sauce in my eyes and punch my TV–and I love my TV. F-.

However, I think the 3-D thing needs to be rated on its own. While I agree that not many people knew about it, if you did, it was the probably the biggest phenomenon at your Super Bowl party. At my house, someone brought enough 3-D glasses for everyone, so people were wearing them around all night. And then when the commercials finally came on it was a moment of great excitement. Until the Sobe commercial. Then it was a moment of great disappointment.

Still, they did a bad job letting people know they needed glasses. B.