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#4.5 — Bud Light — Dog Sitting

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

jtherkal: Okay, you had me interested at the beginning, and then somehow the rest is just a letdown. I guess I didn’t expect him to turn the dogs into servants. And if those dogs were so smart, they would have told that guy to fuck off. It’s a pretty standard Bud Light spot. C+.

sjbooher: Guess Michael Vick wasn’t invited to that party. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! C.

#3.7 — — Tibet

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

jtherkal: Well, no one thought this was very funny. And my criticism is almost the same as it was for HomeAway. This is such a great, simple product, and somehow they managed to make it way more difficult to understand than it should have been. Of course, now the ads have been pulled due to people being offended, so I can’t watch them again to make sure I’m right about this. I wasn’t offended at all, and in fact I don’t mind the gag, but it isn’t a clear illustration of the power of groupon or how it works. Now we won’t even get to see the Elizabeth Hurley rain-forest/Brazilian wax joke, which may have been better for a Super Bowl audience anyways. D+.

sjbooher: Nothing says Super Bowl star power like Timothy Hutton! I was going to give an F, but they somehow managed to create a controversy which is the only way I would have remembered this service. C. No doubt the Hurley jammy would have been better for this event. Here it is for good measure:

Or even the Cuba Gooding, Jr. jammy:

#2.13 — CareerBuilder — Chimps In Cars

Monday, February 14th, 2011

sjbooher: Phew… thought we were not going to get our annual serving of chimps there for a minute. I didn’t think this was funny, though, and I don’t think that chimps are so associated with CareerBuilder that they can afford to wait so long to tell you what they are advertising. C for chimps.

jtherkal: Careerbuilder? Careersite? Jobhunter? I don’t like career sites. The only one I remember is If you asked me, I could have told you this was for a job site, but I probably couldn’t have named the site. This was average at best. But probably not even that. C-, only because I like watching that car get smashed up.

#2.5 — Budweiser — Wild West Clydesdales

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

jtherkal: If…IF…they hadn’t run spots prompting you to look forward to the reveal in this spot, it would have scored higher with me. Maybe. I don’t hate it, I don’t love it. I guess Tiny Dancer isn’t my thing. And if it was, I would have wanted to see more. Take it a little further. C.

sjbooher:Clydesdales! Love ‘em. I liked this one a lot until whatever that song is at the end. I don’t know anything about Tiny Dancer. I think this successfully stuck Budweiser in my head though, so overall success. And maybe their best use of Clydesdales in awhile? B-

#1.13 — Brisk Tea — Eminem Claymation

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

jtherkal: This one was interesting to watch, well made, and had me nodding my head up until the end. Damn, that is pretty good! No, no it’s not. That bit and the part that followed left me wondering why I had liked the first 20 seconds. Don’t say you only do commercials for things you enjoy and then do it for BRISK!? I will bump this up a grade if I ever hear that Eminem does indeed prefer Brisk. C.

sjbooher: I like this one. What’s that you say? I am a huge Eminem fan and they could have thrown a picture of his left hand up there, with an arrow saying “Eminem’s hand”, with a picture of whatever product, and I would have liked it? Oh, and just because I loved the California Raisins as a kid and have been waiting patiently for someone to once again harness the power of Claymation, I automatically like this? Okay, you got me. On top of all that though, I liked the attention to detail (check the executive’s clipboard), and the fact that they sort of proved everything he said as true (he wouldn’t leave the house, so they had to do Claymation — nevermind the fact that for his second ad of the night, he clearly left the house… but the viewer doesn’t know that yet). I want to give it an A, but I’ll knock it down one because of my personal bias. B.

#4.17 — Intel — Computer Nerds Throughout Life

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

sjbooher: The other Intel ad was such a success that I can’t even find this one online due to the robot one popping up so much in search results. That makes this one mediocre in comparison. C.

jtherkal: Apparently even a computer nerd doesn’t know how to use the “search” part of a computer. I found it in .5 seconds, which makes me smarter than you. But it doesn’t make your grade wrong. C+. The plus is for computer labs in college.

#4.13 — Skechers

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

sjbooher: I think they actually ran the same spot previously reviewed, so instead, here is some comedic gold for ya’ll. The question at this point is, who has the bigger gambling debt — Joe Montana, or Luke Wilson?

jtherkal: Such a skeptic. Are you saying there’s no possible way that Joe Montana tried this product and realized that it’s actually super effective at shaping his calves? Because that’s what I’m saying. There was one point, at about :37 when you can tell he’s laughing as he thinks about how he’s going to kill himself after the shoot. Maybe he was on the Nicolas Cage shopping plan.

I think I have to up my grade for Sketchers for somehow pulling this off. B.

No! Not the b’s!

#4.6 — Budweiser — Clydesdales

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

sjbooher: Sorry, jtherkal, but the Budweiser Clydesdales are as traditional as baseball and Mom’s apple pie. It’s an institution. It wouldn’t be the Super Bowl without them. I love them, and I love this. And if you hate this, that’s ok, because “Nothing comes between friends. Especially disagreements over ads.” A+.

jtherkal: It would have been great if when the Clydesdale was all grown up, he went by that field, but instead of the bull running to catch up, he was being jerked-off by a farmer who had to go inseminate other cows with bull semen, because that’s what farmers do. Then the bull just looks at the horse and his eyes say “have fun pulling that shitty beer cart, idiot.” Then the farmer feeds the bull a bucket of beer. C.

And do you know what does come between friends? Defensive Scrabble. I don’t know if I can play against you anymore.

sjbooher:No triple word scores on my watch, playa!

#3.13 — Round Up

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

jtherkal: It’s not a bad ad. It’s not a good ad. It’s just bad during the Super Bowl. C-.

sjbooher: Done and Done. Word to Bill Simmons. C-.

#3.9 — eTrade — New Baby Talks To Girls

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

sjbooher: Amazing… they even pulled off sexism/misogyny with babies! But the people love it, apparently… C.

jtherkal: The people love it indeed! This is one of the only ads that quieted the entire Super Bowl party. People want to know what that baby is going to say. Milkawhat!? A.