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Snickers — Get Some Nuts, starring Mr. T

Friday, August 29th, 2008

jtherkal: Apparently this ad has been pulled from television in the UK due to its “homophobic” nature. When they yanked the Snickers Superbowl commercial with two men kissing, I could understand the sensitivity. But this one? If I were gay, I’d be pissed that people think that just because a guy is portrayed as a crybaby-pussy he’s representative of the gay community. The fact that they pulled this for being anti-gay is 1000 times more anti-gay than the commercial itself.

This one is possibly closer to being offensive. But it has a Snickers Gatling gun, which is awesome:

jtherkal: This YouTube comment more accurately states what is offensive about this campaign: I can’t belive a creative agency has done such an offensive commercial, how do effeminate guys feel when they watch this ad? the underlying message is that effeminate men must be shot to become masculine. This is really bad… So is it offensive to effeminate guys? Sure. But it’s equally offensive to both straight and gays. Either way, I like them. And the message isn’t to shoot effeminate guys, it’s to get some nuts. A-.

sjbooher: I agree, ONE THOUSAND %. However, it is a slippery slope. While these ads are not offensive in and of themselves, I just spent two weekends recently with a group of guys that would see the effeminate men shown here, and instantly say: “those guys are gay”. That is because most people are idiots, I guess, and always will be. A-.

And yes, Mr. T. is gold standard when it comes to Ridiculous Black Men in entertainment.

WAW: WAMU — Whoo Hoo Disco

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

jtherkal: Whoo Hoo? Oooh noooo. Washington Mutual used to do some pretty good ads. I remember one with an inflatable bank branch that was outstanding. And this one. But recently they’ve gotten off track. That whole stodgy-banker campaign, with all the rich old white men was pretty terrible. So they switched agencies (I believe), and the new work is supposed to make an “emotional connection” with consumers. But all it does is make me think “boring” and miss the feature they’re actually selling. While I like the line “we don’t nickel and dime you,” I think “Whoo Hoo”–the way it’s executed–is terrible. First, it’s WOO HOO, not Whoo Hoo; that reads like Who Who. Second, the way it’s said in the ad makes it sound like you’re not excited at all. It’s the fakest, most unenthusiastic woo hoo in history. Plus, it’s stolen from Homer Simpson. Why would you steal an iconic phrase and not use the icon in your ads?

Specific to this commercial, the small man, big wife gag was dealt its fatal blow when Norbit was released. And they bury the lead. Who cares about some worthless little “woo hoo” moment? You’re giving people free ATM withdrawals! The means the $2 you pay at 7-11, covered. The $1.50 you pay at someone else’s bank? Covered. And the $5 you pay in a Vegas titty-bar…covered! (I think.) That, ladies and gentlemen, should be the focus of a campaign. F.

sjbooher: The only thing black people love more than free checking is dancing! Amazing. They had to go out of their way to reinforce a stereotype, because including dancing here doesn’t even make sense! Someone that dreamed about disco contests would probably be at least 50 years old now, maybe even 60. This woman is an 80s baby, at least prove Jay-Z right and have her dream about break dancing!

This is bad on so many levels. Do people even use checks any more? If they do, they need to get into the new century. Electronic banking, people! I agree that whatever the ATM benefit is, might be better. And don’t even get me started on “Whoo Hoo”… I might start clawing my eyes out. F.

WAW: AT&T — Chuck Shooting Baskets

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

sjbooher: Wow (and WAW). Could this character have been any more ridiculous? Chuck has uncombed hair, an unshaven face, and an awful looking football jersey on. Then they have him shooting baskets and shouting like an ABSOLUTE FOOL. No one acts like that in real life — only in some stupid white man’s mind do people act like that. Absurd. Imagine seeing this ad on 10 different screens in a Vegas sports book for an entire weekend, over-and-over again — that’s how I was introduced to it. Terrible. F-.

jtherkal: Well, I was getting tired of the AT&T bars campaign (where they coordinate everything in the background to look like the bars on your phone) so this is, at the very least, different. This was the worst of the series (rock’n'roll guy, snooping dad, japanese business meeting)–borderline offensive. Maybe because Chuck was waaaay overacting. If you’re going to have him playing pop-a-shot, at least have him really trying. He wouldn’t have made any of those shots. Overall, the concept isn’t that great and I don’t even believe one company can claim to have significantly better service. It’s all pretty decent now, but still cuts out in areas. D.

ebay–Shop Victoriously

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

jtherkal: I like everything about this. They really nail a powerful insight with this campaign: it’s fun to win things. You’re damned right it is! The commercials do a great job of telling that story and getting you excited about it. There are a bunch of pretty good spots, including a fox hunt, the hail mary, and a state fair ad. In reality though, does ebay even need to advertise? I guess you can’t sleep on the competition; but in this case, who is the competition? Amazon? When was the last time you saw an Amazon ad?

My only criticism is that it doesn’t seem like they could decide on a tag line. When I think of these commercials, I always thought the line was “It’s better when you win it.” Which they do have as a super near the end. But they also slap up “Shop Victoriously.” I can see why you would like both, and I guess it doesn’t really hurt, as no matter which one you remember, you’re getting the message. A-.

sjbooher: I agree almost 100%, so I will use this opportunity to speak on a topic of great concern for me — the propensity to make black men look ridiculous in commercials. Why does the black guy have a ridiculous 70s outfit on, an afro, and all that facial hair? None of the other characters are dressed circa in 1972. None of the other characters look so foolish. And none of the other characters pull a hamstring at the end. Pay attention, and you’ll see this trend in more ads than you might expect.