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Spirit Airlines - Weinergate

Friday, June 10th, 2011

jtherkal: Normally, I wouldn’t think to bring a SPAM-type email into the fold here, but I think Spirit’s recent “campaign” warrants some attention. First, for context, if you somehow have missed the news and/or The Daily Show for the last two weeks, we’re currently being inundated with news about Congressman Anthony Weiner’s twitter dick shot and scandalous online sex affairs. So, in timely fashion, Spirit Airlines has apparently jumped into the fray with these cheap “weiner” gag emails.

As if people didn’t already think Spirit is despicable–with their nickel and dime flight booking rape trickery scheme–now they have to go low brow on their advertising? I’m sure someone, somewhere at Spirit thought this was funny–some assistant AE in charge of overseeing the email campaign that no one with a real job gives a shit about. But I can’t believe they thought this would fly. Get it, fly? Airplane? Fly, weiner? Not all attention is good attention. F this.

sjbooher: I’m not as up in arms about it, but I don’t get it… how does the hot dog even relate to the sale? Weird. D+

Southwest — Wanna Get Away? — Broken TV

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Hilarious concept. With the rising popularity of gaming systems with motion sensors, this ad probably hits home with the younger demographic. I still laugh at it if I haven’t seen it in awhile. One major problem though… I’ve seen this countless times and have probably had conversations with friends about it… but I had no recollection of it being for Southwest! Maybe that makes me an idiot. Well, America has a lot of idiots. B-.

The Mouth:

You just about nailed it. I laugh every time I see him whip that controller at the tv. Every time. Then I think the following things: What kind of controller is that? Nintendo 64? Would an LCD screen really shatter like that? I’ve never seen one shatter in real life. I sort of miss the whole Southwest message while I’m thinking those things, thus I thought this might have been a Best Buy commercial. Okay, B-.