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AT&T — Lauren and Brody

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

jtherkal: First, let me say that I’m a huge fan of The Hills. I know it’s for idiots and that the people on it are superficial fame seekers, but aren’t we all just a little bit like that? I mean, look at us, we’re writing some stupid blog about ads. Why? To get famous, of course. And for fun. So on to the ad. I’m predisposed to like it, because I love Lauren and I think Brody is pretty cool (except for this). Who better to advertise a phone whose RDB is that you can see yourself in it than people who care almost entirely about themselves? Pretty smart. Then, throw in a little Warrant and you have a winner! This ad had to be written by someone my age, because Warrant had approximately a two year lifespan, and you had to be a 13-year old with a mullet and spandex to really like them–which I was. This commercial is like a sweet piece of Cherry Pie. A-.

sjbooher: Welcome to, the bootleg edition! How terrible is the video on this one? All we need to make it completely wack is some guy’s head popping in front of the camera… anyway, as surprising as it may be for a teen drama addict such as myself, I’ve managed to avoid the Hills diaspora. I do recognize them, but have no preconceived notions about them. That being said, this would be a good ad if Joe Schmoe and Lucy Loser were starring in it. It’s clever, culturally relevant, etc., etc. A, byatches.

AT&T/Samsung — Daydream

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

sjbooher: Nothing too groundbreaking here, but I do enjoy this ad. The song is safe, AKA not much potential for annoyance, but not really catchy. The visual effects showing the phones “blooming” are pleasing to the eye. I’m not sure there is much here to convince me to buy the phone, though, other than strictly the positive vibes from the ad, and the buy one get one free deal. Above average, but not great — B.

jtherkal: I agree, nothing remarkable about this, but it does leave me with a positive feeling. I like the song and the flowers look sort of cool. I couldn’t tell you what phone it’s for, or why that phone is good, or anything of the sort. Hard to give this much better than a C+.

WAW: AT&T — Meatloaf

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

jtherkal: First, does anyone under the age of 40 know who Meatloaf is? And more importantly, if they do, is there anything endearing about Meatloaf, aside from his ridiculous name? There’s absolutely nothing I like about this ad. The song is terrible, the people in it look like no one I’d ever want to be and it does only a mediocre job telling you what the product is. When that kid moves his head in that strange way, it makes me want to punch his stupid face. This is one of those ads that has me scrambling to change the channel when it comes on. F.

sjbooher: Well, we know who Meatloaf is, and we are under 40. After all, we were even in a fantasy sports group with him! Ha — that just made jtherkal feel like his definition of a “nerd”. I love it. I do not love the ad, but I do think it is pretty good. I like musicals in general, so I automatically skew towards liking this, and I think this particular song is clever. I’m not sure what you are listening too, but all it does is describe the product. Maybe you need to watch it again and, um, sleep on it? B+.

AT&T — Buddy!

Monday, April 7th, 2008

sjbooher: The first time I saw this, I saw with my mouth wide open in disbelief, before turning, looking at my wife, and saying, “Seriously?”. Hey AT&T… this had been done 1.56 million times! Well, at least 2 notable times! And 1 was for the product of your MAJOR partner, Apple, for the iPhone, and they did it a million times better. This also seems very much like a rip-off of the famous Budweiser “Waaazzzzuuuuuuuupppp” ad. If you’re going to rip-off, or “cover” classics, you have to improve on them. That definitely does not happen here. Why is everyone so happy to answer the phone? That’s just fake. You are reading a website right now run by two people that absolutely HATE answering the phone. They should have people looking at their phone, realizing who is calling, and shoving the phone back in their pocket. I wish I could do that to this ad. D-

jtherkal: It’s true, I hate answering the phone. Although I have discovered that with my iPhone I can listen to people through the headphones and talk into the phone. That sort of makes it fun. And if you ever answer the phone by shouting “buddy” like the last guy in this ad, I’ll hang up. This ad doesn’t do anything that hasn’t been done before, and it certainly doesn’t do it better. D.

WAW: AT&T — Chuck Shooting Baskets

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

sjbooher: Wow (and WAW). Could this character have been any more ridiculous? Chuck has uncombed hair, an unshaven face, and an awful looking football jersey on. Then they have him shooting baskets and shouting like an ABSOLUTE FOOL. No one acts like that in real life — only in some stupid white man’s mind do people act like that. Absurd. Imagine seeing this ad on 10 different screens in a Vegas sports book for an entire weekend, over-and-over again — that’s how I was introduced to it. Terrible. F-.

jtherkal: Well, I was getting tired of the AT&T bars campaign (where they coordinate everything in the background to look like the bars on your phone) so this is, at the very least, different. This was the worst of the series (rock’n'roll guy, snooping dad, japanese business meeting)–borderline offensive. Maybe because Chuck was waaaay overacting. If you’re going to have him playing pop-a-shot, at least have him really trying. He wouldn’t have made any of those shots. Overall, the concept isn’t that great and I don’t even believe one company can claim to have significantly better service. It’s all pretty decent now, but still cuts out in areas. D.

AT&T — Slidephone Fireworks

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

jtherkal: I guess they do a good job showing the bright and colorful phones, but I think the song sucks, so I sort of hate the commercial. Boring + bad song = D.

sjbooher: Good graphics, good display of the phone… I don’t really like the song either, but that’s a personal taste question. Do other people like this song? Do the people they want to buy this phone like the song? B+

AT&T, BlackJack Valentine’s Day Rap: F-

Monday, January 28th, 2008

I’m not even sure that if I could find this commercial online I would post it. Because that would mean I’d have to watch it again. It’s basically a guy rapping to camera about his girlfriend, presumably recording it and sending it to her via his cell phone for Valentine’s Day. I literally have to change the channel when this comes on, for fear of being consumed by a rabid fury that results in me smashing my television with a pitching wedge. That’s bad for the tv and for the wedge, both of which are very special to me.

Let me just say this: if you’re thinking of getting your girlfriend a phone with video capabilities for Valentine’s Day, good for you. Electronics are awesome. If you’re thinking of using your phone to send her new phone a video of you, the whitest man in America, doing the worst rap known to man, please stop and think again.

The worst part is that somewhere along the way this received the approval of a whole team of “advertising professionals.” Not only in concept form, but even after they saw the shockingly terrible finished product. Sometimes you need to self censor a bit; someone has to have the stones needed to step up and say you know what, we liked the idea, but you all see this, it sucks. We can’t put this on tv. They seem to have forgotten rule number one of advertising: avoid ads that will make the consumer HATE your product. This has done that for me.

Furthermore, I went to the AT&T site to try and find whatever promotion this is (so I’d have some sort of image to accompany this post) and I couldn’t find anything. No Valentine’s Day promotion at all. So even if this commercial wasn’t shotgun-eatingly bad, consumers can’t follow up and actually take advantage of the promotion.

F-. The worst.

The Hawk:

Yo, Mouth, why you trippin’, home skillet? This is that new hot fire on the streets, playa-toni, pepperoni! Hotter than paprika!

Yes, horrible. Although something deep inside me says there is still a segment of society out there that laughs and likes this. I’ll even admit I think the paprika line is funny. D+.

AT&T — Get A Sven

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

This is a hilarious ad. I’ve seen it 10+ times and still lol at times… I love how he says “schedule”. But here’s the major problem: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ADVERTISING? Even after seeing this a few times with friends and talking about it after the fact, I said, “What is that an ad for?” Replies include a phone, Ebay, etc. No one said AT&T.