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Carl’s Jr. Miss Turkey vs. Axe Shower Gel

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

sjbooher: Here I present two classic, “women as object” ads. The question at hand: which is better, the blatant, simple, give it to me straight version (Carl’s Jr.), or the hide-it-behind-comedy-and-creativity version (Soap dance). I say Carl’s Jr. I respect a person’s attitude/opinion/etc. more if they do not hide behind some illusion and try to dress it up to be something it is not. Both get C-, if only because this brand of ads probably works to some degree, or it would not be so prevalent. At least I hope this brand of advertising is not both tasteless AND ineffective.

jtherkal: No contest for me. I think if you check waaay back on this blog, maybe you’ll find me giving an A+ to the Paris Hilton Car Wash ad for the same burger chain. I’m a fan of Carl’s Jr.’s blatant attempt to combine my meat with a piece of meat. Sometimes I don’t like self-aware advertising, but I think the gimmick and writing here are clever enough. Ms. Turkey! And on her bathing suit…little Turkey Burgers. And that’s just the way it is. Great. A-.

As for the Axe one, there have been a lot of ads done in this category that are virtually the same. This is evidence that either it’s getting hard to do really good ones, or someone is getting lazy. I don’t really like the music, I’m not buying that part of the guy’s washing routine is the exact same motion as untying a bikini, and I’m left wanting my implied nudity when the girls don’t finish the ritual. Still, those girls are hot. I’m buying some Axe. B-. For babes minus bikinis.

Carl’s Jr. — Jalapeno Chicken Sandwich

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

jtherkal: As my girlfriend would say, “Womp womp.” Which is actually, waaa waaa–some sort of horn noise from television when something funny and deflating happens. It’s a noise you make when the joke is dumb and obvious, a mocking noise, which would be appropriate for this, since it’s not really funny. The old double-entendre “hot” joke, switching up spicy for sexy. Very clever Carl’s Jr. The sandwich even looks sort of disgusting. Fail. D.

sjbooher: This makes me laugh and smile every time. Sometimes a dumb and obvious jokes — “jokes in a can” as I like to call them — can be lazy and boring. Sometimes they are genious, like this one. Either way, whether you think it’s funny or not, it probably at least grabs your eye, and they use their trademark voice over guy, which instantly says “Carl’s Jr.”. I think I would have liked it a little bit better though if it had been slightly more subtle. The hit-’em-over-the-head punchline was unnecessary… or was it? This is mostly dumb America we are talking about. A.