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T-Mobile Lady

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

sjbooher: This lady is in my nightmares. Her series of T-Mobile ads have been all over the NBA Playoffs broadcasts. I watch almost all of my basketball on DVR tape delay, so I have never actually watched any of these in their entirety. I have seen them a bajillion times on fast forward, though. For a grade I’ll go with D-, for their effect in that context. I don’t know why, but I can’t stand seeing her, and it gives me a bad feeling towards T-Mobile. However, the bigger issue, is why don’t more ads take advantage of the DVR factor? A few (the series I think of is a set of ads during Mad Men that tried to mimic the look of the show, trying to trick you into stopping your fast forward) have tried to account for DVR, but why not more? Maybe I overestimate how many people use DVR, but it seems like more should be done. Maybe ads that look “real speed” in fast forward. Maybe more tricks like the Mad Men series. Ya’ll are the creative ones though, you tell me.

jtherkal: This isn’t good, but it isn’t that bad. I don’t like attacking the Apple ads unless you’re actually going to do cutting, seriously funny ads. It’s like someone who is not cool trying to be cool by making fun of the cool kids, only to make it more apparent how not cool they truly are.

About the woman, I think maybe you don’t like her for the following reasons: 1. That dress is ugly. 2. She has sort of a bitch-face, you know? Like Claire from 90210. That’s the best I can do to describe it.

To address your DVR question, I’ve made that suggestion on several campaigns, as I’m sure others have. But you seldom, if ever see them. There are some like the ones you mention that try to trick you. I like those. And then some like the old Apple iPad ad, which basically, if you see it in DVR-FF appears to be a series of titles you can read. Those are okay. Anyways, we’re talking about this T-Mobile ad, right? I guess I mostly think: people use T-Mobile? C-.

#4.2 — HTC — Global Matters To You

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

jtherkal: Boring. How was this a Super Bowl Ad? I like the insight, which has them taking credit for a lot of the innovations Apple developed, but this does nothing to differentiate itself within the Super Bowl Ad bonanza. I guess it’s not a car commercial, which is a start. D.

sjbooher: I have no idea what you are or what you do, other than you are sort of like an iPhone. Hmm, when’s the next iPhone come out? F.

#2.16 — Sony Ericsson — Sweatshop Robot Thumbs

Monday, February 14th, 2011

sjbooher: Creepy. If all this is happening in some Asian country or area, how did they end up with Caucasian thumbs? Apparently that green thing is some sort of mascot for some product. I don’t get it. This is very elaborate, yet, very narrowly focused. D.

jtherkal: SJB, we all know to have illegal surgeries sometimes you have to go to Asia or Mexico, where you can purchase organs. I think that thing is for some sort of Android device? I can certainly say there was probably a better way to announce your phone is becoming a PSP, if that’s what’s happening. This was creepy enough to get my attention, however. C+.

#2.8 — Motorola Xoom — Faceless Drones

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

jtherkal: In case you weren’t going to think it, they went ahead and put 1984 on the tablet at the start. This got my attention, but then did very little with it. I do like the subtle jab at Apple, where all the drones have what appear to be ipod earbuds in. What you didn’t do was actually show me how it’s different or better. B-.

sjbooher: Cars! Ca… oh, wait. Put me in a white jumpsuit all day… lobotomize me… whatever, I just don’t want to be THAT guy. And really? Putting 1984 on the tablet? Might as well go ahead and have a narrator yell, “Get it?”. Apple wins. Motorola loses. Fail. F.

#1.6 — Boost Mobile — Boost Mobile Shuffle

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

sjbooher: Funny. B+

jtherkal: Really? Funny? If you’re going to redo a classic, you have to come a little stronger than that. Not only did I not think it was very funny, it’s annoying to the point that I’ll change the channel next time it’s on. Ditka saved this one. D.

#2.18 — Nextel — Roadies

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

sjbooher: Meh. Clever way to sell the “now” aspect of Nextel chirping? I guess. C+

jtherkal: Don’t get into the Super Bowl and run a commercial you’ve been running for months. Normally, I’d grade this higher. F.

WAW: Verizon/LG Dare — Pit Bulls

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

jtherkal: Following the growing trend of pulling seemingly “offensive” advertising, Verizon yanked this off the air after getting pressure from PETA and other animal-rights groups, who claim the commercial promoted animal cruelty. They went on to explain “that chained dogs are deprived of social interaction and forced to endure weather extremes, adding that the spot perpetuated stereotypes against pit bulls as a violent breed.” Hmmm, you know what else perpetuates those stereotypes? When pit bulls eat people. The only thing offensive about this ad is that it royally sucks. Maybe that’s why they took it off the air. F.

sjbooher: I’ll never understand the concept of spending ones time saving dogs when there’s poverty and inhumane conditions for HUMANS in our own backyards, but that’s just me — call me crazy. So with that being said, I obviously do not find this ad offensive. I do not think this ad is that bad, either. That guy wants to touch that phone, and he’s willing to risk life and limb to do it. The best part? Even though he appears at the end, that dumb “network” guy doesn’t talk and his time is limited. I will say this spot has the “feel” of the Boost mobile brand, to me… if I didn’t know which provider it was for, that would have been my guess. C.

FREE MIKE VICK!!!!!!!!!!!

AT&T — Lauren and Brody

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

jtherkal: First, let me say that I’m a huge fan of The Hills. I know it’s for idiots and that the people on it are superficial fame seekers, but aren’t we all just a little bit like that? I mean, look at us, we’re writing some stupid blog about ads. Why? To get famous, of course. And for fun. So on to the ad. I’m predisposed to like it, because I love Lauren and I think Brody is pretty cool (except for this). Who better to advertise a phone whose RDB is that you can see yourself in it than people who care almost entirely about themselves? Pretty smart. Then, throw in a little Warrant and you have a winner! This ad had to be written by someone my age, because Warrant had approximately a two year lifespan, and you had to be a 13-year old with a mullet and spandex to really like them–which I was. This commercial is like a sweet piece of Cherry Pie. A-.

sjbooher: Welcome to, the bootleg edition! How terrible is the video on this one? All we need to make it completely wack is some guy’s head popping in front of the camera… anyway, as surprising as it may be for a teen drama addict such as myself, I’ve managed to avoid the Hills diaspora. I do recognize them, but have no preconceived notions about them. That being said, this would be a good ad if Joe Schmoe and Lucy Loser were starring in it. It’s clever, culturally relevant, etc., etc. A, byatches.

AT&T/Samsung — Daydream

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

sjbooher: Nothing too groundbreaking here, but I do enjoy this ad. The song is safe, AKA not much potential for annoyance, but not really catchy. The visual effects showing the phones “blooming” are pleasing to the eye. I’m not sure there is much here to convince me to buy the phone, though, other than strictly the positive vibes from the ad, and the buy one get one free deal. Above average, but not great — B.

jtherkal: I agree, nothing remarkable about this, but it does leave me with a positive feeling. I like the song and the flowers look sort of cool. I couldn’t tell you what phone it’s for, or why that phone is good, or anything of the sort. Hard to give this much better than a C+.

AT&T — Buddy!

Monday, April 7th, 2008

sjbooher: The first time I saw this, I saw with my mouth wide open in disbelief, before turning, looking at my wife, and saying, “Seriously?”. Hey AT&T… this had been done 1.56 million times! Well, at least 2 notable times! And 1 was for the product of your MAJOR partner, Apple, for the iPhone, and they did it a million times better. This also seems very much like a rip-off of the famous Budweiser “Waaazzzzuuuuuuuupppp” ad. If you’re going to rip-off, or “cover” classics, you have to improve on them. That definitely does not happen here. Why is everyone so happy to answer the phone? That’s just fake. You are reading a website right now run by two people that absolutely HATE answering the phone. They should have people looking at their phone, realizing who is calling, and shoving the phone back in their pocket. I wish I could do that to this ad. D-

jtherkal: It’s true, I hate answering the phone. Although I have discovered that with my iPhone I can listen to people through the headphones and talk into the phone. That sort of makes it fun. And if you ever answer the phone by shouting “buddy” like the last guy in this ad, I’ll hang up. This ad doesn’t do anything that hasn’t been done before, and it certainly doesn’t do it better. D.