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#3.8 — Coke — Border Stand Off

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

sjbooher: Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrr-iiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggg. D+

jtherkal: Amazing, when I was clicking into this entry that’s exactly what I was going to write. But probably just as “boring.” It’s almost as if we’re on opposite sides of a border, and we both want to say how boring a commercial about our job would be, so we give an ad the same grade. D+. Now back to work.

#2.10 — Coke — Fireworks Dragon

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

jtherkal: After the smashing success of “happiness factory” someone at Coke must get it stuck in their gourd that they have to produce some sort of epic animated spot every year. So this one takes us to some fantasy world where some things I don’t care about are being attacked by some other things I don’t care about and then a dragon shoots fireworks out of his mouth. Should I be happy? What if the things in the fort were a bunch of rapists and killers? Personally, I wanted to see a battle. Give me Minas Tirith! D.

sjbooher: The Happiness Factory sounds like something I would hate. This, on the other hand, is something I love. That Coke made that dragon shoot fireworks! Was that before or after it gave him diabetes? Sigh, I did say I would heretofore pick Coke poison over Pepsi poison, but I digress. My only problem about this one is that I don’t completely understand it. The dragon is with the enemies, right? So then why would the enemies run because the dragon made fireworks? They might be pissed that the lost their big weapon, but at worst they would respectfully retreat and not run around like chickens with their heads cut off. B-.

#3.8 — Coke — Jungle Sleep Walk

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

jtherkal: If you like Coke that much, keep some at your camp, jackass. Don’t go steal it from some poor African. This didn’t really live up to the level that Coke has set for itself recently. Plus, that song was from an old-time porno I had as a kid, so whenever I hear it, that’s all I can think of. C.

sjbooher: Ha, I love: “If you like Coke that much, keep some at your camp, jackass”. Also, Coke joined the male pantsless club, with this one, if that counts. About halfway through, I thought “What’s the product? I’m no longer watching, let’s go buy some Ambien.” F.

#1.10 — Coke — The Simpsons

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

sjbooher: Two American institutions, FTW. B.

jtherkal: Now we’re talking! Super Bowl! Go big or go home! Coke always seems to get it right. Of course, their brand is so strong, they can do just about anything that makes you feel happy and slug a Coke bottle at the end and it’ll work. Still, this is what a Super Bowl ad should be. A.

#3.7 — Coke — Insects

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

sjbooher: Very well done. I personally don’t enjoy it, but everything about this is well executed and probably well-received by the public. It’s creative, pleasant to the senses and all of that. But it reminds me of the creepy Traveler’s umbrella guy. B+

jtherkal: I heard someone say it’s the same as their “Happiness Factory” commercial, which blew everything away a few years back. While I can see the similarities–computer animation, little things interacting with Coke bottle–it’s not quite the same. First, it’s not as good. Second, it’s got bugs in it. I love bugs. It’s fun and reminds me that everyone should enjoy some Coca-Cola. A.

#3.1 — Coke — Avatars

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

sjbooher: Good. I like avatars, cartoon characters, video game characters — all of that. I also like seing said things mixed into the real world. I also like Coke, especially Coke in a glass bottle with a straw. And now you’re telling me it turns monsters into hot girls? Awesome. A.

jtherkal: Eh. Whatever. I don’t like the song and I don’t really see how this is a Coke commercial. I guess you can do just about anything, then put Coke at the end and it works. I might like this if it was for something else. But it’s not. C-.

Coca-Cola — LeBron and Yao Olympic Unity

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

sjbooher: One of the biggest events of this Olympic games was the USA v. China basketball match-up. Coke took advantage of that by combining two of the biggest stars in the world this spot. It’s creative, awesome, fun, visually pleasing, and the feel good story of the year, at the end. Of course I love Coke, basketball, LeBron James, Yao Ming and the Olympics! Still, this is well done. I do have to stay true to my principles, I guess, and dock it slightly for the late product placement. A.

jtherkal: Fun, positive, big name stars, good music, fun animation, timely release–Coke knows what it’s doing. I want to eat egg rolls, drink a Coke, and dance to that song. Mission accomplished. Maybe the USA and China can unite to oppress other nations and conquer the world. If only they’d agree to capitalism and stop the “one and done” child rule, we’d be golden. A.

Coke — Sip Stealing

Monday, April 7th, 2008

sjbooher: Awesome. A simple and clever idea, executed brilliantly. Coke seems to generally do a good job of showcasing the beverage itself in their ads. As a Coke fan, I often find myself salivating after seeing their spots, and this one is no different. A+.

jtherkal: Nice and simple. An ice cold fountain Coca-Cola classic is refreshing and delicious–this does a perfect job reminding us. The term sip-stealing could find its way into popular usage; I know I’ll use it next time I’m stealing sips. But the other line “not a felony in all 50 states” is kind of dumb. A-.

Coke — Super Bowl Ads

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

I’m not familiar with Super Bowl time slot strategy, but it’s interesting to note that Coke aired both of it’s ads during the 4th Quarter, while Pepsi set things off early.



sjbooher: This is awesome. Coke in that glass bottle — even a balloon version — always looks so delicious. And it looks like my cartoon friends agree! I don’t even know the names of the first two characters, but I do recognize them. I do know one thing though — they want that Coke! When old head Charlie Brown triumphantly claims the prize at the end, it’s a feel good moment. This was a good implementation, as well, as the balloons look like the real thing. A.


jtherkal: Coke is all about feeling good. And if this commercial doesn’t fill your heart with joy, perhaps it’s time to invest in a new heart that has feelings. Parade ballon Stewie vs. parade balloon Underdog for the parade balloon bottle of Coka-Cola Classic until SURPRISE! Parade balloon Charlie Brown! After having the football yanked out from under him so many times, doesn’t he deserve an ice cold Coke? This was ranked by many as the top commercial of the Super Bowl, which I’m not sure I’m ready to concede, but it is good. A.



sjbooher: An ok “Odd Couple” type commercial with some sort of funny scenes, playing off the election year. It gets off to a very bad start for me, however, as Bill Frist pretty much single-handedly tried to kill online poker in America. I only have negative thoughts after seeing him. C-.


jtherkal: Oh, I get it. Democrats and Republicans can get along if they share a Coke. Problem is, I don’t really know who either of those guys are (even though they use titles to introduce them at the beginning). And if I don’t know, you can bet a large portion of the beer drinking, football loving audience is also at a loss. Just didn’t do anything for me. And that bald guy looks like some sort of evil skeleton. After that joyful balloon ad, this one falls flat. D-.