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#1.10 — Doritos — Grandpa’s Ashes

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

jtherkal: Consumer made alert! Predictable alert! But it still made me laugh a little, even though I knew it was coming. I would have liked some sort of false claim about the power of Doritos. C+.

sjbooher: Wait — saying Doritos can resurrect the dead isn’t enough of a “false claim about the power of Doritos”? I liked this one. Feeding a fish Doritos? Hahaha. Also, how are the Doritos “consumer-made” ads so much smarter and better than their Pepsi counterparts? Hmmm. This may call for a federal probe. A.

#1.4 — Doritos — Finger Suck

Monday, February 7th, 2011

sjbooher: Ah, yes. Now it is the time for my yearly lecture on the placement of your product within the ad. Oftentimes, ads go through a long hullabaloo before showing the featured product, losing everyone’s attention in the process. Or sometimes the ad seems awesome and entertaining, but production value overshadows the product leaving everyone remembering the ad and not the featured product. Doritos does not fall in either of these traps. In this ad, and all of their contributions to the Super Bowl, ACTUAL DORITOS SNACK CHIPS are front-and-center. I didn’t like the humor used the first time around, but I loved this one. I’m going to give it a slight deduction because apparently some people where grossed out by the creepy guy, and gross ain’t good for the snack business. A-.

jtherkal: Great spot. I love that quiet, strange humor in the beginning and I sort of wish they hadn’t ended with the pants being ripped off that guy. If he hadn’t torn the pants, but just smelled them instead…but I’m nitpicking at a spot I really like. And one that, again, is made by consumers. I may soon be out of the job. Oh, wait, I am out of the job. A.

#1.2 — Doritos — Dog Smashes Glass Door

Monday, February 7th, 2011

sjbooher: In an overall impressive night for Doritos, this was the low-man on the totem pole. I’ll praise them later, but for this one it comes down to the fact that I’m not a sucker for the slapstick. D-

jtherkal: You have to remember that these are all still made by people, not Doritos, so overall their program is working. People get fired up to make these and the production quality is getting better and better. That being said, I didn’t love this one. But it does capture people’s attention, and I was curious to see…will the dog smash through the glass? But no, the whole door falls. Not great. C+.

#4.11 — Doritos — Gym

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

sjbooher: D. For dumb. And for Doritos.

jtherkal: Let me see if I have the formula right. Begin with stupid, somewhat predictable joke situation. Follow with some sort of slapstick comedy. Make $500,000. Can I get a film crew, a donkey, a blindfold, a wiffle-ball bat, and a bag of Doritos. And go ahead and put in a bid for that 1BR in the East Village. I’m about to have some dough. C-, for Dorito suit craftsmanship.

#1.12 — Doritos — Funeral, buried alive

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

sjbooher: If my dying wish is a casket full of Doritos… F.

jtherkal: The very worst “user generated” Doritos ad. STOP IT. If the rest of this year’s ads (made by professionals) wasn’t so terrible, I would say that this should be left to the professionals. F.

#1.8 — Doritos — Single mom’s date

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

sjbooher: What’s the best way to get away with racial stereotypes and misogyny? A cute kid slapping someone! Awful. And the kid is not as good as the role models kid, and they gave the man a effed up haircut (see: Ridiculous Black Men). D… only because I know the ignant masses probably love it.

jtherkal: Keep your hands off my Doritos and keep your hands off my momma. User created, average. America will vote for anything with a slap or a nut kick. I think this whole series of “user generated” garbage will get a C.

#1.7 — Doritos — Bark prevention collar

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

sjbooher: America loves dogs. And this was the first Doritos commercial so I didn’t want to lose my mind over them, yet. B-.

jtherkal: These Dorito’s ads were all made as contest entries, and I believe one winner got up to $650,000. I don’t know what the runners up got, but either way, I can’t get behind this. First, it’s no longer about Joe Average making an ad, these are higher production quality. A kid with a Flip doesn’t really have a shot, as much as they’d like you to believe it. Also, I hate seeing Super Bowl commercials before the Super Bowl. These were posted online and publicized. C.

#1.4 — Doritos — Crystal Ball

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

sjbooher: So stupid and terrible. A crotch joke? Fail. F.

jtherkal: So wait, is this another user-created Doritos ad? Are they still doing that, where they have a contest and the best ad runs during the Super Bowl? They had a decent laugh up until the button at the end. Why, why why do you need a crotch joke in there? I agree with fail, but I like the crystal ball through the candy machine…D+.

sjbooher: And the world is apparently abuzz over this one… guess that means something. I upgrade to D+.

Doritos — Mouse In The Wall

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

When I first saw this, I thought it was okay. Kind of funny. Personally, I would have liked to see some sort of giant human trap that snapped and broke the guy’s neck, then we’d see the mouse sitting in his chair, eating Doritos and watching. After doing some looking around, I believe that this is a fan-created ad, winner of a contest put on by Doritos. Alone, as an ad, I would probably give it a lower ranking. But when I look at the larger idea and the level of consumer involvement this probably inspires, B+.

I like this one a lot. Looks like the fans were indeed better than the majority of the pros for this Super Bowl! The product is clearly but not annoyingly shown and the surprise of the mouse attack is funny. Good job. A.

Singing Contest Winner for ??? — Super Bowl

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

The Mouth:
There was a contest? For what, for who? Why do I care? Waste of money. My associate couldn’t even remember who sponsored this. I do, but only because I was so disappointed. Doritos. You have a brand known for doing fun commercials, commercials that people enjoy. And you generally can fit your product into that ad. And this is how you spend your money? Now, I’m sure there were all sorts of other components to this; live events, internet videos, etc. But during the Super Bowl, I just don’t care. I vote we don’t post the ad and give additional publicity to some girl singer I don’t really ever need to see again. I also think iTunes may have had something to do with this. D-.

The Hawk:
Who? What? When I saw this, I thought I had accidentally changed the station to MTV2. This really wasn’t even an ad, I guess, so maybe we shouldn’t even review this. I had no clue what was going on. F.