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Dove Men Care — Bobby Hurley

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

sjbooher: ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME. What’s next Jeffrey Dahmer for Heinz ketchup? Osama Bin Laden for Water Babies suntan lotion? How about throwing Kim Jon-Il in the adidas “All In” campaign? Look, I am a Michigan alum and a Carolina fan since a young kid, so I know I’m biased. But the Duke basketball team is one of the most hated, if not the most hated, team in college athletics! And they are personified most by either Hurley or Christian Laettner! And THAT is whom you pick as your spokesperson? Good thinking. I’m guessing a lot of people felt the same way, because by Duke’s second tourney game this weekend they had switched this spot out for one featuring Magic Johnson. Amazing. What are you doing? F.

jtherkal: I didn’t dislike this ad when I first saw it. Probably because I didn’t remember it. And I didn’t remember it because I didn’t notice it. So that’s not a good start. However, if the tag line is “comfortable in your own skin” it makes perfect sense. Bobby doesn’t care that you don’t like him or that you hate Duke. He’s comfortable being that guy. Bobby knows, haters gonna hate. But that doesn’t mean he can’t use soap. That being said, this felt cheap. Like some college kid made it with iMovie. Maybe Bobby was the only person those college kids could get. D+.

sjbooher: I hope Dove is comfortable in it’s “selling less product” skin.

Sheraton Ad — Rival Love

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

jtherkal: This ad is disgusting on several levels. First, any time I see someone wearing Ohio State apparel I want to throw up. I understand the point of the commercial, that Sheraton hotels makes enemies get along. But guess what? It doesn’t. I would have spit on that OSU fan. Aside from that, there’s something just not good about this. It feels soft and forced, if that makes sense. Something about the direction of it sucks. Although it’s probably dead on for the personality of Sheraton. Vanilla, plain, trying to be cool, but just not. D-.

sjbooher: For me, the worst part is that they tried to include both the rivalry taboo, as well as the “man-on-man interceptions” taboo (Joe Duke guy touches Johnny Carolina’s hand and Dr. Syracuse rubs the ranch off Mr. Georgetown). It sends a mixed message. So Sheraton makes you overcome your sports hatred, but not your homophobia? I think it was a good idea that was not executed well. Also, I’ve seen it countless times over the past month, and had no idea, until right now, which hotel was being advertised. That just pushed you to F status, Sheraton. Or was that Holiday Inn? I’d probably remember if I had stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night! F.