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ebay–Shop Victoriously

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

jtherkal: I like everything about this. They really nail a powerful insight with this campaign: it’s fun to win things. You’re damned right it is! The commercials do a great job of telling that story and getting you excited about it. There are a bunch of pretty good spots, including a fox hunt, the hail mary, and a state fair ad. In reality though, does ebay even need to advertise? I guess you can’t sleep on the competition; but in this case, who is the competition? Amazon? When was the last time you saw an Amazon ad?

My only criticism is that it doesn’t seem like they could decide on a tag line. When I think of these commercials, I always thought the line was “It’s better when you win it.” Which they do have as a super near the end. But they also slap up “Shop Victoriously.” I can see why you would like both, and I guess it doesn’t really hurt, as no matter which one you remember, you’re getting the message. A-.

sjbooher: I agree almost 100%, so I will use this opportunity to speak on a topic of great concern for me — the propensity to make black men look ridiculous in commercials. Why does the black guy have a ridiculous 70s outfit on, an afro, and all that facial hair? None of the other characters are dressed circa in 1972. None of the other characters look so foolish. And none of the other characters pull a hamstring at the end. Pay attention, and you’ll see this trend in more ads than you might expect.