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#4.2 — HTC — Global Matters To You

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

jtherkal: Boring. How was this a Super Bowl Ad? I like the insight, which has them taking credit for a lot of the innovations Apple developed, but this does nothing to differentiate itself within the Super Bowl Ad bonanza. I guess it’s not a car commercial, which is a start. D.

sjbooher: I have no idea what you are or what you do, other than you are sort of like an iPhone. Hmm, when’s the next iPhone come out? F.

Best Buy: Christmas Carolers

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

jtherkal: I love songs. I love Christmas. And as much as I don’t want to like these, as much as I think rewriting a holiday song is an easy way out, as embarassing as it must be to whichever creative sunk low enough to sell this idea through, I can’t help but like it. A little. My first instinct was to fail this. With all of the brilliant ways you could advertise electronics around Christmas, this doesn’t really warrant much notice. But it’s a song, and I sing it in my head.

There’s also a whole YouTube section with more songs and behind the scenes interviews, as if anyone cares. C+.

WAW: Best Buy — Holiday Stories

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

jtherkal: I don’t know what makes me so furious about these ads. Or maybe I do. I think it’s the fact that these boring little stories are supposed to touch my heart, which will result in the purchase of more electronics. WRONG. Electronics will result in the purchase of more electronics. The feeling of standing in that television section and seeing those glorious TVs, that’s the story. Tell me about a guy who came in looking for a 24″ regular tv, but you sent him home with a 42″ flatscreen HDTV. Tell me how awesome that made him feel. Or better yet, don’t have annoying, jackass employees tell me anything. Show me a giant TV and say GIANT TV! I’m sold. F.

sjbooher: I also despise these. It’s over the top… too sugary good… and complete lies. None of this ish never happened. Sure, ads like all the time, but this is a lie which would only work if it were the truth. Best Buy sits on a throne of lies. F.

Microsoft Vista — Seinfeld & Gates, In Your House

Friday, September 12th, 2008

jtherkal: Part two of this mysterious campaign is hitting the airwaves. The above video is actually a 4+ minute webisode, which is miles better than the initial shoe store commercial (F). Whether this one works when cut down to :30 or :60 remains to be seen. You start to get a glimpse of the direction they might be taking with this campaign–trying to humanize Gates and Microsoft, make it seem like Vista is designed with average people in mind. I don’t know if I’m buying it.

Rumor has it, the next spot released in this campaign is going to pay off this setup. The expectations are rocket-ship high for Crispen to nail this, so I’m expecting the payoff to be brilliant; otherwise this’ll be seen as a monumental failure. I don’t know why they didn’t start with this one, the family makes it way more likable. C+.

sjbooher: I’m writing this after seeing 30 seconds… you know, the standard length of an ad? And why would I watch more? There is deafening silence, no jokes, and nothing interesting going on. Seinfeld is still not funny so far, and Bill Gates is still boring. And the rest of that family is absurdly boring. The only interesting aspect is that one of the newspaper guys from the best television show ever made, The Wire, is the dad. F.

sjbooher: Update: I made it through the whole thing. Guess what? There is still nothing being advertised, and they have not even piqued my interest. I don’t care what’s next and I hope never have to see anything else in this series ever again. The “joke-in-the-can” robot dance was halfway funny, maybe, but if I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen the “nerdy white guy does the robot” joke, I’d be… Bill Gates. Still and F.

Microsoft Vista — Seinfeld Meets Gates

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

jtherkal: Ever since CP+B won the Vista account, perhaps almost a year ago, the ad world has been buzzing. What genius concept will come out of the hottest shop on earth for a brand with one of the worst reputations on earth. So you can imagine how utterly and entirely baffled I was when this piece of garbage hit the air. Pointless, boring, horribly written. Did Seinfeld write his own material? Did someone forget to do quality control? The jokes are bad, the acting is typically Seinfeld bad. I can’t really think of anything about this that I like. The jokes they make at the end, about the cake computer and then Bill Gates shaking his shorts? All I can do is shake my head.

The only possible silver lining is that Crispen probably has some sort of twist up their sleeve. Something like, “Look at that commercial. You thought it was terrible, but look at this new version of it, look at how good it is. It’s just like Vista, it can get better.” Or maybe their point is that you can’t judge something by its reputation alone. Like thinking that putting Seinfeld in a commercial would make it funny. “We heard that people would really like a commercial where Seinfeld and Bill Gates meet in a shoe store. So we just went ahead and made it. I guess you have to try it before you can really judge.” Either way, unless the punchline is solid gold–or at least has something to do with why this ad sucks–this can’t possibly get anything better than a D-.

sjbooher: Full discretion alert. As a software engineer, I despise Windoze. As a lover of comedy, I am not in Jerry Seinfeld’s demographic. I will not be changing my Facebook status to contradict either of those facts any time soon. This is boring, un-funny and does not really advertise anything. On top of that, it’s annoying with that cringe-worthy hip twist from Gates at the end. Whose idea was it to feature one of the most non-engaging men ever to walk the Earth in a minute-and-a-half ad? To whom does this even appeal? The ironic part is that is exactly like Windows products — bulky, over-priced and crappy. Guess they went for a little truth in advertising? F.

WAW: Verizon/LG Dare — Pit Bulls

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

jtherkal: Following the growing trend of pulling seemingly “offensive” advertising, Verizon yanked this off the air after getting pressure from PETA and other animal-rights groups, who claim the commercial promoted animal cruelty. They went on to explain “that chained dogs are deprived of social interaction and forced to endure weather extremes, adding that the spot perpetuated stereotypes against pit bulls as a violent breed.” Hmmm, you know what else perpetuates those stereotypes? When pit bulls eat people. The only thing offensive about this ad is that it royally sucks. Maybe that’s why they took it off the air. F.

sjbooher: I’ll never understand the concept of spending ones time saving dogs when there’s poverty and inhumane conditions for HUMANS in our own backyards, but that’s just me — call me crazy. So with that being said, I obviously do not find this ad offensive. I do not think this ad is that bad, either. That guy wants to touch that phone, and he’s willing to risk life and limb to do it. The best part? Even though he appears at the end, that dumb “network” guy doesn’t talk and his time is limited. I will say this spot has the “feel” of the Boost mobile brand, to me… if I didn’t know which provider it was for, that would have been my guess. C.

FREE MIKE VICK!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikon — Ashton Kutcher

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

sjbooher: This campaign hits the mark, given a product named “Coolpix”. Nikon is going after the young, cool and hip people of the world, and this ad (and the others in the campaign) exploits that fact. It mixes a fun, simple idea with attractive actors and good execution. It prominently features the product in a non-”hammer to the head” kind of way. A.

jtherkal: A? Have you lost your mind? Ashton Kuchar started out as a likable fellow on That 70’s Show, then tried to get a little more clever with Punked and now he’s officially reached “person I don’t know but that seems like a cocky asshole who thinks he’s god’s gift to the world” status. His presence alone takes this down to a D. However, I can’t deny that he’s probably popular with the female target audience. And they fill all the non-Ashton camera time with hot girls, which appeals to males. C+.

sjbooher: Maybe if you spelled his name right he wouldn’t hate you so much. Love is love. Everything is everything.

Craigslist Ad — Barter

Friday, April 4th, 2008

jtherkal: It’s good to know the street value of a used 32″ Panasonic television. Since it’s not a flat panel, or even HD, a spanking seems like the appropriate price. The problem is, no woman under 30 worth spanking would be able to carry a tv that large off on her own, so she’d have to bring a friend to watch the spanking, then help her move it. I’d bet that didn’t happen. A-.

sjbooher: Jeez, at least make it a 40+ inch flat panel. No HD? What year is it, again? There’s not even a picture. If you are going to make what is most likely an unrealistic request, you are going to have to put some real effort into the ad to make it happen. Quit wasting everyone’s time, perv. F.

T-Mobile — Auctioneer Family

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

jtherkal: This one is pretty old and backloaded with boring talk about the phone plan, but for some reason I still like it. And by “some reason,” I mean because of the auctioneer talk. If I could talk like that, you best believe I would. B+.

sjbooher: The concept is definitely funny. Get it? They don’t have many minutes, so they have to talk fast… get it? The problem is, what if people don’t think it’s funny and tune out? What if people think it’s so funny that they guffaw their way through the meat and potatoes at the end? Backloading worries me. [In Tim Gunn face and voice] I’m concerned. B-.