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Miller Lite - Liteguards

Friday, April 29th, 2011

jtherkal: Fifty girls in bathing suits, running around, holding beers. Sounds like a winner. But it’s not. I can’t put my finger on why this is bad. Maybe because it seems cheap and poorly made, like a straight-to-dvd comedy. Maybe because the girls aren’t in bikinis, but instead are wearing unattractive one-pieces. Maybe it’s because they showed me a can shaped like a bottle. Maybe because they’re trying to launch, a program that’s bound to fail. Suuuuure, after putting down ten Miller Lites, what I want to do is go online and register my cans for some Miller Lite flip-flops. It seems like beer advertising should be easy, but apparently it’s not. D+.

sjbooher: I’m moving to Canada. F.

Miller Lite — Dalmations Jailbreak

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

sjbooher: I absolutely love this ad. I start dancing and cheering for those dogs every time I see it. Get the beer guys, get the beer! Eat it Clydesdales! What a perfect song, and perfect visuals to go with the song. Now, if only the beer didn’t suck… A+

jtherkal: Mostly, I love that you love this. I didn’t think there was anything all that spectacular about it and probably wouldn’t have even thought to rate it. When I see it, I find myself thinking that it must have been wild getting all those dogs to run around like that. Dog party! All dalmations are invited. Tell your friends.

Plus, you make a good point about it being the perfect song. B.

Update: sjbooher: This is ad is so good that I now rewind on DVR during commercial skipping to watch it. Sony should send Miller Lite a check, as well, as I was inspired to download Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak”, which led to a rockfest, which all resulted in the purchase of Guitar Hero III for PS3!