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#2.12 — Snickers — Richard Lewis

Monday, February 14th, 2011

sjbooher: I love the diva version of these, and I liked the Richard Lewis portion of this one. There’s just something about the transformation shot that makes me laugh every time. Roseanne though? I could have done without here. I do not really consider this “Super Bowl level” either, as it continues a previous campaign but with LESS star power. C-

jtherkal: The first time I saw it, I didn’t even realize it was Roseanne. Shouldn’t she be fatter and uglier? If I was the director I would have insisted she put on 25 pounds, a flannel shirt, and no make-up. Even without realizing it was her, I still like this. The writing is sharp, I like the gag. However, using an established formula in a Super Bowl doesn’t stand up to me as much as introducing something new. Unless it’s an outrageous version of the formula. Anyways, B+.

#1.3 — Snickers — Betty White backyard football

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

sjbooher: Betty White = star of the show. Who is that old guy at the end, though? B-.

jtherkal: Old ladies getting tackled never gets old. And the idea that you’re not yourself when you’re hungry is a pretty fun one. I can see a few more coming out in this series. B+.

Snickers — Get Some Nuts, starring Mr. T

Friday, August 29th, 2008

jtherkal: Apparently this ad has been pulled from television in the UK due to its “homophobic” nature. When they yanked the Snickers Superbowl commercial with two men kissing, I could understand the sensitivity. But this one? If I were gay, I’d be pissed that people think that just because a guy is portrayed as a crybaby-pussy he’s representative of the gay community. The fact that they pulled this for being anti-gay is 1000 times more anti-gay than the commercial itself.

This one is possibly closer to being offensive. But it has a Snickers Gatling gun, which is awesome:

jtherkal: This YouTube comment more accurately states what is offensive about this campaign: I can’t belive a creative agency has done such an offensive commercial, how do effeminate guys feel when they watch this ad? the underlying message is that effeminate men must be shot to become masculine. This is really bad… So is it offensive to effeminate guys? Sure. But it’s equally offensive to both straight and gays. Either way, I like them. And the message isn’t to shoot effeminate guys, it’s to get some nuts. A-.

sjbooher: I agree, ONE THOUSAND %. However, it is a slippery slope. While these ads are not offensive in and of themselves, I just spent two weekends recently with a group of guys that would see the effeminate men shown here, and instantly say: “those guys are gay”. That is because most people are idiots, I guess, and always will be. A-.

And yes, Mr. T. is gold standard when it comes to Ridiculous Black Men in entertainment.

Snickers, Road Trip: A+

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

sjbooher: Pilgrims and Vikings on a road trip together? Get it? Weird, quirky humor that those wily copywriters love, and this time it works. Hilarious and it makes me want a Snickers. A+.

jtherkal: As a man of half-Danish descent, I consider myself to have some viking blood and I’m prone to the same types of emotional swings as this viking. Mainly, these swings revolve around the availability and the coldness of the Dr. Pepper I get from the store.


You’re right, I love it. A+.