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NAPA Know How

Friday, April 15th, 2011

jtherkal: Holy horrible, Batman. At first glance this campaign is terrible. It seems to be riding the Subway $5 Footlong song wave, trying to use a catchy song to get peoples’ attention. It has succeeded, but not in the right way. I remember this as something I never want to see again. So naturally, my first thought was to give it a massive F. But upon closer inspection there are a few factors to consider. 1. I’m not a car guy, so I was probably never the target. But if you look at it from the target’s POV–that being gearheads and NASCAR buffs–then maybe a silly country music song is just what the doctor ordered. 2. maybe they intended it to be terrible. There are a few phrases SJB and I have been using for years that seem to apply here: “So bad it’s good.” And, “If it’s going to be bad, it might as well be the worst.” This is so bad, that in some ways maybe it’s good. And maybe once they realized it was bad, they just went all in and made it the worst.

So for the first time ever, I’m giving this an F. And an A!

sjbooher: That is amazing commentary, JT. I saw this one and had very similar thinking, except I like the song. What I didn’t understand is why they didn’t put the singer more in character. Short of dressing the singer in country western gear, I’m not sure how you do that, but that’s what I’m a critic and not an ad writer. Herkal almost has me convinced, though, hmmm. A. I think if I saw this 10 times I would eventually be singing the song and laughing hysterically.

Arby’s — Good Mood Food

Friday, March 11th, 2011

jtherkal: Oh jeez. Two years ago I bought stock in Arby’s/Wendy’s. Why? Because I love an Arby’s Roast beef sandwich, and I love the Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich. I believe in them. But this latest ad has me questioning my belief. I know after the five dollar footlong song everyone thinks they need a clever jingle to sell fast food. But it has to be a song that makes me want to eat your food, not a shotgun. The guy they cast as the main “song host” is easy to hate, the song is not good, not funny, and that chorus at the end where they’re all in the parking lot is the coupe de grace for any hope this had of being even remotely tolerable. This makes even the terrible BK Breakfast song ads seem brilliant. This ad is bad enough to actually make the stock price plummet. Time to sell. F.

sjbooher: I definitely don’t like this. On top of it being bad in and of itself, it’s DERIVATIVELY bad. I feel like 8 other brands have done this. The first thing that comes to my mind is the beer campaign (was it Miller Lite?) where the guy sings “Mr. So-and-So”. Then the bouncing ball on the bottom has only been done 3 quatrillion times. Also, there is too much going on. I was trying to read, listen, look and didn’t catch any of the punchlines. The only positive is “Good Mood Food”. That could’ve worked. I like looking at those 3 words on top of each other. Also, I most likely will never eat an Arby’s sandwich in my life, if that counts. I will dabble in their curly fries, if forced too, though. D-

GAP: Holiday Songs

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

jtherkal: I hate this song. I don’t like the dancing. It might make me hate Christmas. There’s nothing good about this. F.

Vi-vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Viagra

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

sjbooher: I am truly torn on this one. It is so ridiculous, corny and over-the-top, that it just might be good. A bunch of guys hanging out laughing, joking and having a good ol’ time, singing about Viagra! Really? Are you serious? So amazingly weird… and yet… engaging. And yet… so uncomfortable and awkward. Vi-vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Viagra! Technically speaking, it is very hard to turn your head away, good or bad, before they get into the meat and potatoes of the product. I think this is both an A and an F, so I’ll give it a C.

jtherkal: I’m not torn. This is ridiculous. What about this would make you want to get Viagra? Not that guys who can’t get boners need any additional incentive…that alone sells the product. There must be 1000 smart executions that don’t involve making a group of guys look like fools. While the song might be mildly catchy, my reaction is, “I hope I’m never one of those guys.” I hope I’m never an old nerd who meets up with other nerds at some dusty roadside garage to sing about how we take pills to get boners. D+.

sjbooher: I will never understand your definition of nerd. Never. Also, that one guy looks like Sam Jackson… that has to count for something.