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T-Mobile Lady

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

sjbooher: This lady is in my nightmares. Her series of T-Mobile ads have been all over the NBA Playoffs broadcasts. I watch almost all of my basketball on DVR tape delay, so I have never actually watched any of these in their entirety. I have seen them a bajillion times on fast forward, though. For a grade I’ll go with D-, for their effect in that context. I don’t know why, but I can’t stand seeing her, and it gives me a bad feeling towards T-Mobile. However, the bigger issue, is why don’t more ads take advantage of the DVR factor? A few (the series I think of is a set of ads during Mad Men that tried to mimic the look of the show, trying to trick you into stopping your fast forward) have tried to account for DVR, but why not more? Maybe I overestimate how many people use DVR, but it seems like more should be done. Maybe ads that look “real speed” in fast forward. Maybe more tricks like the Mad Men series. Ya’ll are the creative ones though, you tell me.

jtherkal: This isn’t good, but it isn’t that bad. I don’t like attacking the Apple ads unless you’re actually going to do cutting, seriously funny ads. It’s like someone who is not cool trying to be cool by making fun of the cool kids, only to make it more apparent how not cool they truly are.

About the woman, I think maybe you don’t like her for the following reasons: 1. That dress is ugly. 2. She has sort of a bitch-face, you know? Like Claire from 90210. That’s the best I can do to describe it.

To address your DVR question, I’ve made that suggestion on several campaigns, as I’m sure others have. But you seldom, if ever see them. There are some like the ones you mention that try to trick you. I like those. And then some like the old Apple iPad ad, which basically, if you see it in DVR-FF appears to be a series of titles you can read. Those are okay. Anyways, we’re talking about this T-Mobile ad, right? I guess I mostly think: people use T-Mobile? C-.

TMobile — Wade & Barkley — Statue

Monday, March 17th, 2008

jtherkal: BEHOLD! The first irateads-branded ad posted on YouTube. And the ad just happens to be from one of my associate’s favorite campaigns. Ever since Charles let Dwayne into his top five, I’ve been a fan. This might be my favorite yet. “They have a statue of Rocky, and he’s not even real.” Classic. A.

sjbooher: This one doesn’t make me laugh out loud, like some of the others, but who am I to hold my sense of humor as the end-all-be-all? A.

T-Mobile — Auctioneer Family

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

jtherkal: This one is pretty old and backloaded with boring talk about the phone plan, but for some reason I still like it. And by “some reason,” I mean because of the auctioneer talk. If I could talk like that, you best believe I would. B+.

sjbooher: The concept is definitely funny. Get it? They don’t have many minutes, so they have to talk fast… get it? The problem is, what if people don’t think it’s funny and tune out? What if people think it’s so funny that they guffaw their way through the meat and potatoes at the end? Backloading worries me. [In Tim Gunn face and voice] I’m concerned. B-.

T-Moblie — D-Wade makes Charles’ Fav Five!

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

A week or so ago, T-Mobile released the above trailer-style ad as a build-up to the main event, to be shown during the Super Bowl. I’ve loved this campaign from the beginning, and this is more of the same. They make a great trailer, using an authentic voice-over guy and flashing the date at the end trailer-style. The best part is when Barkley’s voice is echoed, saying “My fav five”.

The Mouth:

I could have done without the trailer. I know the story and I’m not any more interested because of it. The only thing it made me think about was how god-awful the Miami Heat are this year. Eat it, Wade.

And then the moment we’ve all been waiting for… D-Wade makes Chuck’s Fav Five, and gets more than he could’ve ever asked for! “Do like popsicles?” “It’s only 2 o’clock here.” “That’s why I don’t eat shrimp.” Hilarious. A perfect encore to a great overall campaign. A+.

The Mouth:

I love Barkley and I like Wade, so this starts off with a lot of positives. The previous campaign has been good and I think this is a great payoff. “You’re not driving through no tunnel.” My only critique is that I still don’t believe in the value of a fav five, what the hell does it do? Free calling to those five people? Their pictures on whatever you call that initial screen your phone stays on? Someone please tell me. That’s not enough for me to downgrade it much, though. A-.