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#4.7 — Vizio — Talk and Words

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

sjbooher: Talk and words. The title says it all. F.

jtherkal: I looked where the arrow said to. It said Sony. And maybe I paid too much, but I never have to look at my TV and think man, I bought a shitty Vizeo TV. I don’t even know what that is. That being said, it got me to look at where my TV says Sony. And that made me happy. D+.

Sony Bravia — Domino City

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Sony Bravia “Domino City” from Film Construction on Vimeo.

sjbooher: You know you love, jtherkal. Gush away.

jtherkal: Gush? Gush? While I do love the Sony Bravia ad series (bunnies & balls), I’m certainly not required to like all of the ads. Your gripe was that only people watching on HDTV would appreciate the vivid color in these spots. My love for them came from the life and beauty, which when viewed in HD really is great. This one misses the mark. I don’t feel inspired when I see this. The song makes me want to go to sleep and I don’t really care if I ever see this again, in HD or not HD. They’re trying to force more great spots out of the formula established by balls and bunnies, and it just doesn’t work this time. Sorry to disappoint you, C.

Update: Sony Bravia and the Amazing Play-doh Bunnies

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

sjbooher: I can’t argue with results. I was (am?) not a big fan, to say the least, of these Sony Bravia ads. However, tonight I heard a first-hand account of a consumer that purchased a Sony Bravia TV explicitly becase of these ads. Word to Colleen and Ads That Work.

Craigslist Ad — Barter

Friday, April 4th, 2008

jtherkal: It’s good to know the street value of a used 32″ Panasonic television. Since it’s not a flat panel, or even HD, a spanking seems like the appropriate price. The problem is, no woman under 30 worth spanking would be able to carry a tv that large off on her own, so she’d have to bring a friend to watch the spanking, then help her move it. I’d bet that didn’t happen. A-.

sjbooher: Jeez, at least make it a 40+ inch flat panel. No HD? What year is it, again? There’s not even a picture. If you are going to make what is most likely an unrealistic request, you are going to have to put some real effort into the ad to make it happen. Quit wasting everyone’s time, perv. F.

American Idol — Ben Roethlisberger

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

jtherkal: Does anyone even remember that the Steelers won the Super Bowl? I hate American Idol, and therefore hate any commercial for it. The only way this would have been good is if they had Ben pouring tequila down the throats of hot girls in the audience. F.


sjbooher: JOKE IN A CAN ALERT! JOKE IN A CAN ALERT! JOKE IN A CAN ALERT! “I loved that song, until you ruined it.” “Who sings this? Let’s keep it that way.” I’m not even sure what the point of this was. American Idol has plenty of viewers, so did they really need to get this elaborate? A simple reminder would have probably sufficed. Hell, maybe they were just having a little fun. Still stupid. D-.

Moment Of Truth — Chad Johnson

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

jtherkal: I like Chad Johnson. I secretly like The Moment of Truth. I don’t like this commercial. They took what was a very promising situation and delivered a very vanilla result. How was that the show that couldn’t be more truthful? D.


sjbooher: Agreed. Much like the Shaq Vitamin Water spot, they failed to utilize the potential of their star. I’ve seen this show too, and I think this fails to accentuate the draw of the show. This is the ad for some sort of comedy show, not Moment Of Truth. I think just showing actual clips of the show, with the participants’ expressions, is the best way to draw new viewers. This spot only serves as a comedic take to people who are already watching.

Optimum Triple Play, Pirate Rap: F and A

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Whoa. When I first saw this, I wrote down “Optimum Online Rap, FFFFFF.” I was shocked and amazed and repulsed and maybe offended, all at the same time. But now it’s approaching “so bad it’s good” status. I’m starting to like the rap and the complete and absolute absurdity of the commercial. A band of cable loving pirates? Mermaids singing the phone number? And a special guest appearance by a rapping sea monster!? I hear they originally wanted Fat Joe to star in it, but he wouldn’t agree to ride that inflatable banana (or ski rocket, whatever you call it).

One of the best parts of this YouTube video is that you can see who’s responsible for this masterpiece. Globalworks. Let me guess, they specialize in marketing to minorities? You can also see the brilliant title of the spot: Reggaeton Beach English Rotoscoped Towels. Exactly what I would have called it. And I think this comment left by a user sums it up perfectly, “My 9 month old daughter LOVES this commercial…her world stops when it comes on…” As does mine.

The savings are for real, the triple play is the deal.

I have to give this an F and an A.

The Hawk:
This is pretty much genius. A Reggaeton beat with some catchy lyrics, along with hot mermaids singing a phone number commercial? This is better than a lot of radio. I’m pretty sure if I saw this a lot it would get beaten into my head. An ad that conveys information about the product! Success. B+.

Sony Bravia, Bunnies & Balls: A+

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

jtherkal: What is HDTV good for? Watching amazing, colorful film in high definition. So Sony created a series of spectacularly visually captivating ads to illustrate this point. Paired with perfect music, done in old-fashion, pain-staking stop motion, the clay rabbit commercial is about as flawless as an ad can get. It shows you what’s possibly wen imagination meets technology, and if you have a Sony Bravia television, it shows it to you more vividly and clearly than anything else.

Equally as brilliant was the “balls” spot, for which they shut down a street in San Francisco and dumped/shot hundreds of thousands of bouncy balls down the road, filmed in ultra-slow motion.

Viewing these commercials on YouTube is a perfect illustration of the concept. At a low resolution, it’s okay. High res, it’s awesome. You can see a cleaner version of the commercial, as well as documentaries on the making of, on the Sony Europe website.

sjbooher: This is just advertising masturbation. They spend all this money on these big, elaborate “commercials” but they complete miss the point. Only people that are viewing this in HD will get the full experience… but they already have an HD TV! F.