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Spirit Airlines - Weinergate

Friday, June 10th, 2011

jtherkal: Normally, I wouldn’t think to bring a SPAM-type email into the fold here, but I think Spirit’s recent “campaign” warrants some attention. First, for context, if you somehow have missed the news and/or The Daily Show for the last two weeks, we’re currently being inundated with news about Congressman Anthony Weiner’s twitter dick shot and scandalous online sex affairs. So, in timely fashion, Spirit Airlines has apparently jumped into the fray with these cheap “weiner” gag emails.

As if people didn’t already think Spirit is despicable–with their nickel and dime flight booking rape trickery scheme–now they have to go low brow on their advertising? I’m sure someone, somewhere at Spirit thought this was funny–some assistant AE in charge of overseeing the email campaign that no one with a real job gives a shit about. But I can’t believe they thought this would fly. Get it, fly? Airplane? Fly, weiner? Not all attention is good attention. F this.

sjbooher: I’m not as up in arms about it, but I don’t get it… how does the hot dog even relate to the sale? Weird. D+

Worst Ad Wednesday (WAW): Enterprise — We’ll Pick You Up

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

jtherkal: When you’re talking about the worst ads in the world, it’s hard to find footage online. And my television capturing device doesn’t run so smoothly, so we’re working with stills here. Thankfully, you’re not missing much by not seeing this titanic failure.

Basic premise: Man and mother need rental car.

Enterprise picks up man and mother.

They drive to the rental car place and we see the rental car discount offer screen.

Commercial ends with a reminder that Enterprise picks you up.

jtherkal: This is a simple formula and the story is easy to understand. Problem is, it sucks. The story sucks. The acting sucks. The direction sucks. The music sucks. It’s like someone at Enterprise decided not to hire an agency, but instead let their 45-year old mother Mormon mother write, direct and produce this stinker.

What makes it even worse is that Enterprise actually has a relevant differentiating benefit (yeah, I went to business school, bitches). They pick you up! Are you telling me you can’t come up with some brilliant advertising centered around a car company that picks you up? These commercials get me to remember that they’ll pick me up, but they also make me think of Enterprise as a retarded aunt who really likes ice cream sandwiches and soft rock. I don’t want her picking me up.

Nice diversity, though. And I love how they seamlessly and elegantly integrated the offer. And how they use the word “most” three times to let people know that in no way is anything they’re saying guaranteed and still needed four lines of disclaimer. FFFFFFF, F, F. And F.

sjbooher: Welcome to Worst Ad Wedneday! Relevant differentiating benefit in the hizzouse! Supposedly this has been on a lot during March Madness… but I couldn’t tell you that, and I’ve watched damn near every game, and I’m supposed to be paying extra attention to ads. That can’t bode well for the campaign. In my opinion, this would seem to be more “mediocre” than “worst”, but I’ve seen it 100+ times and don’t remember it, that would be a colossal failure. I’ll hold judgment until I’ve actually seen it, but things are not looking good.