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2011 Tiguan Piñata: Volkswagen Commercial

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

jtherkal: Wait, this isn’t a Jeep commercial? Every time I see this, I’m shocked that it’s not a Jeep commercial. To me, it is a Jeep commercial. Sorry VW, you’re advertising for Jeep. VW’s grade: D. Jeep’s grade: A. Not only is it good for their brand, but it was free for them.

sjbooher: 95% of the time, I only see commercials in fast-forward on my DVR. Somehow, I caught this one in real time this week, and thought, “huh, pretty good”. And I specifically noticed the VW branding. I like that it’s a simple, clean idea without a lot of extra who-ha. B+.

VW — David Hasselhoff

Monday, April 21st, 2008

jtherkal: The Hoff is in the house! Finally someone cashes in on the Germans love David Hasselhoff joke! But this is only mildly amusing and mildly memorable, which means it’s only mildly effective. Which also means I’m only going to put a mild effort into reviewing it. B-.

sjbooher: I spent my entire weekend watching the NBA Playoffs, which seemed to feature one of these Volkswagen ads, either with Hasselhoff, Shawn Fanning, Bob Knight, or Heidi Klum, on every commercial break. I did not actually listen to any of these until now, due to the glory of DVR, but that matters not. These are still highly effective. In fact, due to the weak, cliche and lazy (Bob Knight throwing a chair? Come on!) writing employed, I’d say it’s better to see these on fast forward (although I do think it is funny when Klum causes the car to blush — ha!). These are visually stunning and invoke the most recognizable Volkswagen symbol, the Bug. I definitely have Volkswagen on the brain after this deluge. However, other than strengthening the brand, I am not sure what is being shilled here… Oh, that is probably due to the “mute” issue. B-.

#4 Creativity’s Most Viewed–VW, Safety Dance: D

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Compared to other VW ads, this just plain sucks. I don’t really like the song, it doesn’t make me think the car is that safe, and blah. Blah blah blah. You can see it on, the only people who liked it enough to put it up. At this point, I’m really losing faith in the people at Creativity. This is your #4? Seriously? Awful.

And I know somewhere (I actually know exactly where) there’s a creative director saying, “I had the idea to use that song in a spot years ago.” But I won’t give away his idea. Let’s just say it wasn’t much better or much worse than this.

VW, Sign Then Drive: A-

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

The idea for this spot is simple: Promotions for “sign AND drive” events are inherently dangerous. You shouldn’t be signing anything while driving a car (though I’d wager we’ve all done far worse). Instead, you should sign THEN drive.

Volkswagen has a history of doing great commercials based on simple truths. And even though they’ve changed agencies, the feel of many of their spots remains true to the brand. This one is no different. The fact that I’ve worked on “sign and drive” ads and never thought of this makes it even more impressive to me. That’s one great thing about advertising; we can all look at the same problem over and over again and keep finding different solutions that work.

Click here to watch it.

And then watch what happens when a dealership tries to do its own advertising:

Is there any way on God’s green earth that this would make people want to buy a VW more than the original spot? Instead, I want to drive one into a wall at full speed; the feeling of bashing my skull apart on shatter-proof glass seems increasingly appealing. Why would you ever put that on youtube?

Merry Christmas.